Cobra King Ltd Driver Review

Like most products, your favourite golf drivers have all, at some point, been subject to scrutiny and cynicism. It is in our nature as human beings to question the value of things. Ironically, though, once we’re pretty impressed with an innovation, we start wondering if the thing can possibly get even better. And, of course, it does, because that’s the nature of invention. It is how smartphones, cars, and aeroplanes work and golf clubs are no different. With the release of the Cobra King LTD in 2015, manufacturer Cobra proved that it can still do amazing things when it comes to cutting edge drivers.

This review of the Cobra King Ltd driver is going to take a closer look at what it has to offer keen golf enthusiasts.

First Impressions of the ‘King’

The thing that is immediately obvious about the Cobra King Ltd driver is that the manufacturer wasn’t interested in simply producing another bestseller. You only have to look at the marketing and hype around the release to see that the aim is to offer something that can blow all rivals out of the water. And, as soon as you lift this driver out of its box, there is denying that it looks and feels special. Certainly, the title of ‘King’ is rather apt here.

The eye is instantly drawn to the SpacePort. This is a removable sixteen-gram weight that gives you theopportunity to see inside the club and examine its internal design. Yes, it is a bit of a novelty, but it clearly plays to the interests of keen golfers. This is something that Cobra is very good at it and it manages to create that all important balance between function and form. Plus, what seems like anovelty at first becomes something rather special once out on the green.

Getting to Grips with the Technology


The most obvious place to start is with the removable SpacePort weight on the head of the Cobra King Ltd. Now, there has been an awful lot of excited talk about this little feature and for good reason too. At first, it seems like nothing more than a neat trick. The sixteen-gram weight unscrews from the bottom of the driver and opens up a window into the inner workings of the head itself. Get it out on the green, however, and it becomes a remarkable way to drop the centre of gravity to ‘Zero CG NA (neutral axis).’

This is something that no other commercial driver has been able to do. The vast majority of sticks have a centre of gravity that is positioned well above this neutral axis line. By flipping the script and taking things to Zero CG, Cobra provides a more efficient energy transfer, upon impact, with no need to compromise on forgiveness. For users, it means greater distance through higher launches, a marked reduction in spin, and an increase in ball speed.

The technology itself has, in the past, been used in actual space vessels, so this is no cheap trick. It was inspired by the shape and form of the Cupola, which is an observatory module on the International Space Station. Despite its advanced nature, it is surprisingly easy to use. It can be screwed on and off in seconds and has the power to withstand extremely strong impacts and vibrations.

TeXtreme Carbon Fibre

If that weren’t enough, the Cobra King Ltd driver also offers the finest in weight balance, body, and equilibrium. The crown contains a unique blend of TeXtreme Carbon. The material makes it around 20% lighter than standard carbon fibre. This enables it to save weight in one area so that it can be reallocated and repositioned in a more practical spot. For Cobra, as a manufacturer, this is hugely significant.

Skilled club engineers strive for years to achieve this, so it is no mean feat and the TeXtreme carbon fibre is the key to success here. It is not just lighter, it is also smoother and provides a higher quality surface on the crown. Visually, there is no huge difference, besides a slight checkerboard pattern; the magic is all in the movement. When combined with the SpacePort technology already described, it is clear to see that this Cobra driver is something special.

Advanced E9 Zoning

The driver has a redesigned Forged 8-1-1 Titanium E9 Face. The variable thickness means that it is lighter, thinner, and hotter, with the ability to generate more deflection and produce faster ball speeds. There is also an expanded ‘sweet zone’ across the face, which serves to better preserve ball speed on those tricky off centre impacts. Over the years, Cobra has talked a lot about trying to thin out this sweet spot and the results are, thus far, resoundingly positive.

The thing that is bound to have you sighing with satisfaction out on the green is the forgiveness that the Cobra King Ltd driver has to offer, on top of its very reasonable spin numbers. When contact is made, the flight pattern changes, but crucially, the overall flight results and distance hit remain largely predictable and stable. Even in spite of this, the driver has the power to work the ball with the right face angle and swing path.

Improved Hosel Design

The adjustable hosel design that is common to all of the Cobra drivers is already one of the lightest available. However, the manufacturer still managed to make improvements with this release and eliminate a further gramme of weight. To the uninitiated, it sounds negligible, but pros will understand that even the smallest of modifications can end up making a big difference to the quality of play. Also, there is no need for seasoned Cobra fans to despair, because the tip adaptors from the Fly-Z and the BiO Cell are fully compatible.

Appearance and Visual Features

At the risk of sounding too gushing, the Cobra King Ltd driver is a real beauty. It is unarguably one of the better-looking sticks on the market because that innovative SpacePort head is sleek, chic, and sophisticated. It looks distinctly ‘space age-ish,’ without tipping over into tackiness. The shiny black crown and range logo on the front middle is helpful for alignment at address too. And, don’t forget that the SpacePort unscrews to give you an unobscured peek right inside the heart and soul of this remarkable tool.

Satisfying Acoustics

For a lot of golfers, the acoustics of a driver are very important. They allow users to get a real feel for the differences between the simply ‘alright’ sticks and the really magnificent ones. And, the Cobra King Ltd doesn’t disappoint here either. In fact, its sound is wonderfully satisfying, with a subtle (but assured) ‘thwack’ that is complemented by a slightly bassy hollow element. It is difficult to compare it with other commercial drivers, but like most Cobra features, it is recognisable while feeling brand new at the same time.


The handling of this stick is just as fascinating as the rest of its various bits and pieces. It comes with a MyFly adaptor, as standard, which spans from 9-12 degrees withdraw options. The King LTD Pro adaptor provides lofts of 7-10 degrees, with the addition of a fade option. According to Cobra itself, this driver is ideally intended for tourto ten handicap players. On the other hand, higher handicaps can still get a lot of joy and satisfaction of out this stick.

During testing, the Cobra King Ltd driver has shown an impressive ability to adjust to a variety of handicaps and unique swings, as long as it has a suitable shaft pairing. Only the launch angle can come in repeatedly lower than desired for players who tend to take advantage of greater launch when heading into a fitting. Nevertheless, consistency is extremely high and remains that way throughout play. Ultimately, it only takes a brief spin on the green to suggest that Cobra, itself, may have been a little reserved when extolling the virtues of this driver.

The Bottom Line

Major Pros

The Cobra King Ltd can truly hit a ball a country mile. Despite its lightweight frame and sleek exterior, it is a bit of a beast out on the green. It has the power to create impressive and effective strikes, with a satisfying degree of roll. Plus, it is also one of the best drivers available when it comes to accuracy and forgiveness. In play, it consistently provides minimal distance loss on toe and heel shots.

It is reliably straight, even if you end up a little off. In fact, it is pretty skilled at correcting those strikes that fail to land in the sweet spot, as planned. The TeXtreme carbon fibre crown and innovative SpacePort feature all contribute to a beautiful weight balance, which makes swinging through simpler than ever.

Major Cons

As far as drawbacks, it is fair to say that the Cobra King Ltd doesn’t have many. And, when it does present frustrations, they are largely due to personal preferences. For instance, there are some players who just can’t get behind the addition of the SpacePort. They find it unnecessarily gimmicky and would rather the manufacturer spend no time at all ‘jazzing up’ the interior of the crown.

Each to their own, of course, but the Zero CG NA means that the SpacePort is definitely more than just a visual addition. Then again, some players prefer a really simple, clean design. Also, the driver just slightly favours faster swingers, who produce a decent amount of spin. You might want to keep this in mind if you are considering it as your next purchase.

A Final Word

The Cobra King Ltd Driver is just the latest release from Cobra that indicates a huge leap forward. This manufacturer is truly at the forefront of industry developments. While the product is by no means inexpensive, it is a worthwhile addition for anybody who is serious about the quality of their play.