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To be able to play golf, to your full potential, you need to ensure you are playing with the golf clubs, which will get the best out of your game. Not only is golf about shooting the lowest score you can, it’s also about enjoying your time on the golf course and our thorough golf club reviews, are here to help you do just that. We don’t stop there, at, we also bring you reviews of all the golf accessories you will ever need, enabling you to pick out the ones which are relevant to you and will enhance your golfing experience.

It can be a minefield when trying to choose the next golf club to purchase. There is so much choice out there, it can often become very over whelming. Look at the latest selection of drivers for example? The manufacturers are working on innovative technology all the time and coming up with new technological terms, making it extremely difficult to narrow down, exactly what to expect from each club. Fortunately, with our golf driver reviews, you will never go wrong.


Each review is completed in detail, with a complete list of pros and cons for every golf club we feature on the website. Unlike some websites, we are not affiliated with any golf manufacturer, meaning the golf club reviews you read on, are fair and accurate. We are never biased in our views, everything written is our honest opinion and you can rest assured, what you see, is what you get.

All our reviews, of golf clubs and golf accessories, are up to date and we are always on the lookout for the next driver, iron or putter to be released. As soon as something new hits the market, we want you to have all the information at your fingertips, in order to make an educated choice when looking to make a purchase. The latest golf equipment does not come cheap and you do not want to be second guessing, when buying a new club or accessory. Buying a new golf club, is not simply a purchase, it’s an investment, an investment in your golfing future. The last thing you want to happen, is to order a brand new driver online, only to find when it arrives, it is not suitable for your level or style of play. At, our golf driver reviews, will give you the information you need, to help in making the right choice.


Not only will you see all the information required to make an informed purchase of golf equipment, you will also see how the equipment compares to similar items, from different manufacturers. Our aim, is to make you a better player, by using the golf clubs and accessories which match you needs as a player. Simply because the manufacturer of a driver, states you will hit the ball further using their club, does that mean you should buy it? Not necessarily. Firstly, does this extra length come at the detriment of something else? What is the forgiveness of the driver like? Is the weight of the driver a lot different to what you have used previously? Does the information and the promises given by the manufacturer, actually come to fruition on the golf course?

Our golf club reviews, will inform you if the manufacturer promises are to be taken seriously. Not only that but we will guide you with information on whether the golf club is suitable for you. For example, if you are already hitting the ball a good distance but struggling with accuracy off the tee, then searching for a new club with increased distance may not be the right choice. Perhaps a driver which offers a little more forgiveness, may be the way to go.

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